Welington Castillo goes full #BEEFMODE

Acquired from the Seattle Mariners back in June, Arizona Diamondbacks catcher Welington Castillo has quickly become a fan favorite thanks to his increasing amount of home runs. With his instant success in Arizona, the hashtag #BEEFMODE came about to describe Castillo’s success on social media. Castillo loves his new nickname but confessed that he had never tried Beef Wellington, nor did he know anything about it. On Aug. 4 however, FOX Sports Arizona producer Brian Henry and reporter Jody Jackson made sure that Welington got to live up to his new #BEEFMODE lifestyle.

Jody and Brian reached out to Nathan Street, the executive chef of  Smith & Wollensky Steakhouse in Washington D.C. to see if the restaurant would partake in the #BEEFMODE phenomenon. Street agreed and the next day at Nationals Park, a 5-star dining experience was ready.

Then the moment of truth: #BEEFMODE met Beef Wellington for the first time.

“Mmm. That was really good, really good! Can I have it all?!”

#BEEFMODE took the Beef Wellington into the D-backs clubhouse and shared the beef with his teammates and coaches.

The #BEEFMODE affair took off.  Even Yahoo Sports Big League Stew wrote an article about the occasion. #BEEFMODE became a trending topic on Twitter in Phoenix before the game even started as word about the feast in DC spread on Twitter – and it was even trending higher then Miss Piggy!

#BEEFMODE is getting beefy!

Check out the whole story only on FOXSportsArizona.com

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