FOX Sports GO T-Shirt Promotion

Every Suns fan should know about FOX Sports GO and FOX Sports Arizona is making sure that they do. FOX Sports GO provides live streaming of the Suns telecast on FOX Sports Arizona and FOX Sports Arizona Plus. If you are at home, you can use or if you’re on the move, use the FOX Sports Go mobile app.

Despite constant promotions like this one,

Some Suns fans need a more hands on lesson to understand it is possible to never miss a moment of the action, so we did just that, and threw in a free t-shirt as a bit of incentive.

As fans entered Talking Stick Resort Arena on Wednesday, November 4th to watch the Suns take on the Kings, they would stop by our booth and learn about the app.

Our FOX Sports Arizona staff asked, “Did you know that you can watch the Suns live anywhere you go for free?” Fans could not believe it and whipped out their phones. “All you have to do is download the FOX Sports GO app or go to and sign in through your participating pay-TV provider. Just like that, you’ll be able to watch any Suns game live as well as other FOX Sports Arizona programming.”


Once the fan either downloaded the app on their phone, or showed us that they already have the app, we taught them how to use it and provided them with a free t-shirt. We had a constant stream of fans interested. Many were shocked that they never had to miss a second of the Suns action.


After only two hours of assisting fans with the execution of downloading the free app, we had given out all of our 250 t-shirts and still had fans interested in learning what the app entailed. Luckily, we had some of our ‘FOX Sports GO’ credit card holders to give to the fans as a thank you for participating and taking the time to learn about the app.


Through our constant stream of interested fans, we had quite a few who knew about the app, but did not know how to download or use it, and others who had known about the hidden gem and were ready to collect their free t-shirt.

In addition, we promoted the give-away on the FOX Sports Arizona Snapchat story. The story had over 500 views.

Our promotion was well received from our fans over social media and we were happy to see some already putting it to use to watch the Suns wherever they go.

Thanks to FOX Sports GO, now over 250 Suns fans will never miss another moment!

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